- Substance Abuse Assessments

         performed by a Master's Level Counselor through a private clinical interview

​- BRIDGE & Intervention Management Classes

         small group sessions offering counseling and education on substance abuse

- Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)

         structured counseling sessions for up to 90 days based on individual needs

- Aftercare Therapy Program

         offering ongoing support for graduates of IOP

- Coordination of Ongoing Supportive Services

​          in conjunction with community partners and programs

Our Adult Substance Abuse Programs at Encompass combine the most effective, evidence based treatment options available today.   

The growing substance abuse epidemic requires improved and modernized treatment programs.  

According to the 2013 report by Trust For America's Help, Tennessee has the 8th highest drug overdose mortality (death) rate in the United States, while our neighboring state of Kentucky has the 3rd highest.  The abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and various street drugs (meth, cocaine, heroine, etc...) remains an ongoing problem.  But, even more staggering, is the rampant increase in prescription drug abuse, which has recently been labeled as a top health concern.