Why Choose Encompass?

Because there is another way...

Encompass is a non-12-step based program built upon an evidence based and diversified approach to the underlying causes of addiction.  While we embrace spirituality as a component of recovery, we understand that a multidimensional program has been shown to produce the best outcomes and support sustained recovery. 

​While peer group reinforcement and support meetings with others struggling with addiction can be a very helpful component in recovery, it is not considered a treatment within itself.   Additionally, the path to long-term recovery is different for each individual.  This can make the strict use of 12 steps, which must be completed in order to succeed, an unobtainable goal for some.  This can lead to further feelings of failure and hopelessness that often accompany addiction.



Our program uses an array of proven methods that encompass all aspects of the addiction process.  We are a professional entity, with programs that are designed and implemented by specialized, highly trained, and credentialed therapists who are bound by law to uphold strict confidentiality.  We utilize small peer group and individual sessions which focus on guided discussions (not just disclosures) used to process numerous factor related to addiction.  We offer short term (4-6 weeks) and longer term (4-6 months) support options, which help individuals continue to adapt to normal changes and new needs encountered in ongoing recovery.

​​​​Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge, tools, and support systems needed to overcome addiction. We focus on individual strengths that can be used to establish new healthy behaviors which support sobriety. We strive to help build confidence, encourage self-efficacy, and stress self-worth.