- Thorough Comprehensive Clinical Assessments for Substance Abuse 

- Intensive Outpatient Sessions (IOP) for adolescents at moderate/high risk

- Small Group outpatient counseling for adolescents at low risk

- Family Therapy Sessions

​- Individual Counseling in conjunction with IOP

- Substance Awareness counseling and classes for early intervention  management

- Placement assistance for clients that need other levels of support including    residential/in-patient, individual counseling, or psychiatric care.




At Encompass, we understand that adolescents have special needs as related to substance abuse and the risk it poses for them today, as well as upon their future.  Our strengths based programs are highly customized to focus on unlearning addictive behaviors, as well as developing skills to assist today's youth with dealing with life's challenges without the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs while the brain is developing during adolescents has been shown to drastically increase the risk of addiction and have other devastating physical, emotional, social, and other life changing consequences.