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Outpatient Substance Abuse and Mental Health Support Services

Encompass is a modern, outpatient facility dedicated to providing intensive, customized services to individuals recovering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health concerns.   We believe addiction is a treatable condition arising from social, behavioral, hereditary, and physical causes.  Our approach merges medical and behavioral modalities into a program that treats the "whole" person and all underlying causes contributing to the addiction process. 

At Encompass, we believe that every single life is precious.  While our first goal is to help clients stop addictive behaviors, we realize that this is only a portion of the recovery process. It is equally important key element is to find the underlying reasons for the substance use, work to find realistic an healthy ways to manage the underlying reason, and build a support system to help prevent relapse. Our mission is to provide clients the tools and support needed to recover, heal, grow, and build a meaningful life.   

For more information and support, please contact us at 931-494-8619